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An Automatic Localization of Optic Disc in Low Resolution Retinal Images by Modified Directional

Matched Filter,
An automatic optic disc localization in retinal images used to screen eye related diseases like diabetic retinopathy. Many techniques are available to detect Optic Disc (OD) in high-resolution retinal images. Unfortunately, there are no efficient methods available to detect OD in low-resolution retinal images. The objective of this research paper is to develop an automated method for localization of Optic Disc in low resolution retinal images. This paper proposes a modified directional matched filter parameters of the retinal blood vessels to localize the center of optic disc. The proposed method was implemented in MATLAB and evaluated both normal and abnormal low resolution retinal images using the subset of Optic Nerve Head Segmentation Dataset (ONHSD) and the success percentage was found to be an average of 96.96% with 23seconds.

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