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Automated Retrieval of Semantic Web Services:

 Web services are taking an important place in the d istributed computing field, as well as in the electronic business.   In this paper we present an initial research which  deals with the issue of automated service retrieval. For that, we propose an  approach  that  exploits  the  service  interface  (input s/outputs)  and  the  domain  ontology,  in  order  to  con ceptually  index  the  web  services.  After  that  we  compute  a  similarity  score  between  the  request  and  the  indexed  web  services  th rough  the  cosine  measure. An experimentation based on the OWLTC test  collection is described to evaluate the system. The obtained results are  very encouraging and  confirm the suitability of the solution. 

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[29] WordNet a Lexical Database for the English Language, available at: http://wordnet. princeton. edu/, last visited. Hadjila Fethallah received his MS degree in computer science from the UABT University of Tlemcen in 2003. Currently, he is a researcher in the Department of Computer Science, UABT University Tlemcen, Algeria. His research interests include: web service discovery, service composition , ontology matching, and artificial intelligence. Chikh Mohammed Amine received his PhD degree in 2005. He became an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, UABT University of Tlemcen since 2006, His research interests include: decision aiding, artificial intelligence, biomedical applications.