The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)


Query Dispatching Tool Supporting Fast Access to Data Warehouse

 Data  warehousing  hastens  the  process  of  retrieving  information  needed  for  decision  making.  The  spider  web  diversity  between  both  end-users  and  data  marts  inc reases  traffic,  load,  and  delay  in  accessing  the  requested  information.  In  this  research,  we  have  developed  a  query  dispatc hing  tool  facilitating  the  access  to  the  information  within  data  marts,  eventually  data  warehouse  in  fast,  and  an  organized   fashionable  way.  The  dispatching  tool  takes  the  query,  analyzes  it,  and  decides  which  data  mart  as  a  destination  that  query   should  be  forwarded  to.  This  research  is  based  on  Ralph  Kimball’s  methodology.  The  results  show  that  the  dispatching  tool  reduces  the  check  time  spent  in  the  data  dictionary  within  a  logical  side of the data warehouse deciding the intended da ta mart and hence, minimizing execution time.  

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[9] Wu L., Miller L., and Nilakanta S., Design of Data Warehouses Using Metadata, Information and Software Technology , vol. 43, no. 2, pp. 109' 119, 2001. Anmar Aljanabi is presently assistant lecturer at Computer Science Department, University of Technology, Iraq. He earned his BSc in computer science from Baghdad University, Iraq in 2003, and his MSc in computer science from Al' Balqa Applied University, Jordan in 2010. His research interest is in data warehouse, and image processing. Query Dispatching Tool Supporting Fast Access to Data Warehouse 275 Alaa Alhamami is presently professor of database security and dean of Computer Science and Informatics College, Amman Arab University, Jordan. He is a reviewer for several national and international journals and a keynote speaker for many conferences. He is supervising a lot of PhD, MSc, and Diploma theses. His research is focused on distributed databases, data warehouse, data mining, cryptography, steganography, and network security. Basim Alhadidi is presently an associate professor at The Department of Computer Science, Al'Balqa Applied University, Jordan. He earned his PhD in 2000, in Engineering Science (Computers, Systems and Networks). He received his MSc in 1996 in engineering science (Computer an d Intellectual Systems and Networks). He published many research papers in many topics such as: computer networks, image processing, and artificial neural networks. He is a reviewer for several journ als. He was appointed in many conferences as keynote speaker, reviewer, track chair and track co'chair.