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Security Mechanism against Sybil Attacks for High-Throughput Multicast Routing in Wireless

Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) have become one of the important domains in wireless communications. They comprise of a number of static wireless routers which form an access network for end users to IP-based services. Unlike conventional Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) deployments, wireless mesh networks offer multihop routing, facilitating an easy and cost-effective deployment. In this paper, an efficient and secure multicast routing on such wireless mesh networks is concentrated. This paper identifies the novel attacks against high throughput multicast protocols in wireless mesh networks through Secure On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol (S-ODMRP). Recently, Sybil attack is observed to be the most harmful attack in WMNs, where a node illegitimately claims multiple identities. This paper systematically analyzes the threat posed by the Sybil attack to WMN. The Sybil attack is encountered by the defense mechanism called Random Key Predistribution technique (RKP). The performance of the proposed approach which integrates the S-ODMRP and RKP is evaluated using the throughput performance metric. It is observed from the experimental result that the proposed approach provides good security against Sybil attack with very high throughput.

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[14] Wang Y., A tutorial of 802.11 Implementation in ns-2, Networking and Internet Architecture, Cornell University Library, 2012. Anitha Periasamy is currently working as a Professor in the Department of Computer Applications at K.S.R. College of Engineering. She received her B.Sc & M.C.A degrees from Madras University in 1995 and 1998and received her M.Phil degree from Bharadhidasan University, Trichy in 2004. She received her Ph.D degree from Anna University, Chennai in 2013. Her research interest includes Mobile computing, Networks, Image processing, Zigbee Networks. She is a member of ISTE, CSI. Periasamy Pappampalayam is currently working as a Professor and Head of ECE at K.S.R. College of Engineering. He obtained his B.E. degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Government College of Engineering, Salem in 1998. He obtained his M.E. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore in 2003 and his Ph.D. degree from Anna University, Chennai in 2011. He has published several research papers in International and National Journals. His areas of interest are: Digital Signal &Image Processing, and Wireless and Computer Networks. He is a life member of ISTE, IETE and CSI.