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A Novel Algorithm for Enhancing Search Results

The dynamic collection and voluminous growth of information on the web poses great challenges for retrieving relevant information . Though most of the researchers focused their research work in the areas of information retrieval and web mining, still their focus is only on retrieving similar patterns leaving dissimilar patterns which are likely to contain the outlying data. So this paper concentrates on mining web conte nt outliers which extract the dissimilar web document s taken from the group of documents of same domain. Mining web c ontent outliers indirectly help in promoting business activities and improving the quality of the search results. Existing algorithms for web content outliers mining are developed for structured documents, whereas , World Wide Web (WWW) contains mostly unstructured and semi structured documents. Therefore, there is need to develop a technique to mine outliers for unstructured and semi structur ed document types. In this research work, a novel statistical approach based on c orrelation method is developed for retrieving relevant web document through outlier detection technique. In addition, this method also identifies the redundant web documents. Removal of both redundant and outlaid documents improves the quality of search results catering to the user needs. Evaluation of the correlation method using Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain method (NDCG) gives search results above 90% . The experiment al results proved that this methodology gives better results in terms of accuracy, recall and specificity than the existing methodologie s.

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[ 28] Yang P. and Huang B., An Efficient Outlier Mini ng Algorithm for Large Dataset , in Proceedings of International Confe rence on Information Management , Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering, Taipei , pp. 199- 202, 2008. Poonkuzahli Sugumaran has a very distinguished career span of nearly 15 yea r, currently professor and head of Information technology in Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai. She obtained PhD in Computer Science from Anna University. Her areas of specialization are Web Mining, Outlier mining and Information Retrieval. Kishore Kumar Ravi currently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology in Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai. He obtained M.E in Computer Science from Anna University. His areas of specialization are Web Mining, Informati on Retrieval and Service Oriented Computing. 69 A Novel Algorithm for Enhancing Search Results by Detecting Dissimilar Patterns Based on Correlation Method Thirumurugan Shanmugam currently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology in College of Applied Science -Sohar, Oman. He obtained PhD in Computer Science from Anna University . His areas of specialization are Network, Applied Mathematics and Software Reliability Engineering.