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A Novel Radon-Wavelet-Based Multi-Carrier Code

 Wireless digital communication networks are rapidly expanding resulting in a demand for reliable and h igh spectral efficiency systems. Multi'Carrier Code Div ision Multiple Access (MC'CDMA) has emerged recentl y as a promising candidate for the next generation broad'band mobile networks. Also it was found recently that Radon'discrete wavelet transform (DWT) based Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is capable of reducing the Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) and the Inter Carrier Interferen ce (ICI), which are caused by the loss of orthogona lity between the carriers. Radon'DWT'OFDM can also support much higher spectru m efficiency than Fast Fourier Transform'based OFDM (FFT' OFDM). In this paper a novel Radon'DWT'MC'CDMA tran sceiver design will be presented based on the Radon'DWT'OFDM that is used as a basic building block in the desig n of MC'CDMA transceiver to increase the orthogonal ity against the multi' path frequency selective fading channels. Simulatio n results are provided to demonstrate the significant gains in performance and simplicity due to the proposed technique. The B it Error Rate (BER) performance of the proposed Rad on'DWT'MC'CDMA scheme was compared with that of FFT based MC'CDMA, Radon based MC'CDMA, and Discrete Multiwavelet Transform (DMWT) based CDMA and tested in AWGN, Flat fading a nd Selective fading channels. The simulation results showed that proposed system outperforms the other systems.  

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[32] Zhang H., Wavelet Packet Multicarrier CDMA Wireless Communication System, PhD Dissertation , University of Cincinnati, 2004. Abbas Kattoush received his MS and PhD degrees in communication engineering from USSR in 1979 and 1984 respectively. He was a pioneer in computer networking and software engineering in Jordan. He worked for different universities in Jordan where he was a founding member and a head of the EE departments. Currently he is an associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments- Tafila Technical University-Jordan. His areas of research interest include DSP, digital communicatio ns, phase unwrapping, interferometric SAR images. He has authored several tenths of research articles, textbooks, and computer software systems.