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A New Approach Using Temporal Radial Basis Function in Chronological Series


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[11] Zheng G . and Billings S., Radial Basis Function Network Configuration Using Mutual Information and the Orthogonal Least Squares Algorithms, IEEE Transactions on Neurals Networks , vol. 9, no. 9, pp. 1619 -1637, 1996. Mustapha Guezouri received the engineer degree from the national Algerian Institute of Telecommunications in 1988. He received the Master and PhD degrees in electrical engineering in 1990 and 2007, respectively from the Science and Technology University in Oran. Larbi Mesbahi obtained his engineering diploma in computer science in 1994 from Oran University, and MSc in electronic option vision and pattern recognition in 2001. Currently, in final phase of preparing the PhD in computer science. His research interests include pattern recognition application, neural network, mobile robot applications, speech synthesis and speech recognition. A New Approach Using Temporal Radial Basis Function in Chronological Series 91