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Using Ontologies for Extracting Differences in the

  Over  time,  the  data  representatives  a  given  domain  can  change,  both  the  data  model  reflecting  the  area.  In  this  situation,  the  presence  of  strategies  that  can  summ arize  the  produced  changes  is  mandatory.  This  study   presents  an  implemented approach based on data mining technique s in order to extract the differences, the model is domain ontology and  the changes are represented by two ontology’s versi ons. The results are summarized in changes report. An experimentation of  the tool was made on the ontology of the cancer dis ease and satisfactory results were obtained.   

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[31] Wiggisser K. and Eder J., Detecting Changed in Ontologies via DAG Comparison, in Proceedings of the 19 th International Conference , Trondheim, pp. 21@35, 2007. Nora Taleb was Engineer in computer science in 1996. She received a MS degree in artificial intelligence: l acquisition des connaissances pour la construction d un syst me base de connaissance i n 2003. She received a PhD degree in knowledge acquisition for managing an evolving ontology. Currently, she is searcher and lecture at the Department of Computer Science in Annaba University (Algeria). She participated at several internationals conferences: ISPS (International symposium on programming and systems, Algeria, 2003), NACET (North African conference of enginnering technology, Algeria, 2003), TIA 07 (Terminology and artificial intelligence, Toulouse, 2007), ICOSE 09 (International conference on ontology and semantic engineering, Italy, 2009), an d I@ semantics (International conference on semantic systems, Austria, 2009). She is member of the proje ct of Management of the knowledge, the ontologies and the system of decision@making: Application in the industrial maintenance. Her research interests are: Ontology, knowledge acquisition, and expert systems .