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Iris-Pupil Thickness BasedMethod for Determining Age Groupofa Person

Soft biometric attributes such asgender,ethnicityand agecan be determinedfrom theirisimages.Pupil size plays an important factor iniristemplate aging. In thisstudy,statisticalexperimentsareperformedtofind out confidence interval forIris-Pupilthickness ofdifferentage groupssuch as children, youthandsenior citizen.Significant group differences have been observed by applying statistical techniques such asAnalysis of Variance (ANOVA)and the Tukey€s pairwise comparison test.The results of the study conclude thatthe proposed methodology can beemployedto determineage group of a person from the available iris images.Basedonthe study results, we argue thatperformance ofaniris recognition system can be enhanced by identifying age groupof the personsfromtheiriris images.

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