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KP-TrieAlgorithmfor Update and Search Operations

Radix-Tree is a space optimized data structure that performs data compression by means of cluster nodes that share the same branch. Each node with only one child is merged withits child and is considered as space optimized. Nevertheless, it can€t be considered as speed optimized because the root is associated with theempty string. Moreover, values are not normally associated with every node; they are associated only with leaves and some inner nodes that correspond to keys of interest. Therefore, it takes time in moving bit by bit to reach the desired word. In this paper we proposethe KP-Trie which is consider as speed and space optimized data structure that is resulted from both horizontal and vertical compression.

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[21]Yan K., Zhu H., LuK.,VParC: A Compression Scheme for Numeric Data in Column-oriented KP-TrieAlgorithmfor Update and Search Operations728 Databases, TheInternational Arab Journal of Information Technology,vol. 13, no. 1, published online,2016. Feras Al-Hanandehis currently an Associate Professor at the Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II, Faculty of Information Technology, Al- Hashemite University, Jordan. He obtained his PhDdegreein Computer Science from the University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, in 2006. His current research interests include distributed databases, parallel databases focusing on issues relatedto integrity maintenance, transaction processing and query processing. Izzat Alsmadiis a PhD in Software Engineering from NDSU, 2008. Currently; he is an Associate Professor in CIS Department at Boise State University, USA. MohammedAkourisan Assistant Professor in theDepartment of Computer Information Systemat Yarmouk University. He got his Bachelor (2006) and Master (2008)degree from Yarmouk University in Computer Information System withHonor.He joinedYU againinApril 2012 after graduatingwith his PhD inSoftware Engineeringfrom NDSU withHonor. EssamAl Daoudreceived hisBSc degreefrom Mu tah University, MSc degreefrom Al al-bayt University and his PhDdegreeinComputer Sciencefrom University Putra Malaysia in 2002.Currently, heisan associate professor and the chairman ofComputer Science Departmentat Zarka University. His research interests includemachine learning, soft- computing, cryptography, bioinformatics, quantum cryptography, quantum computation,DNAcomputing, nano-technology.