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RPLB:A Replica Placement Algorithm inData Grid with Load Balancing

Data gridisaninfrastructurebuilt based on internetwhichfacilitates sharing and management ofgeographically distributed data resources.Data sharing in data grids is enhanced through dynamic data replication methodologies to reduce access latencies and bandwidthconsumption.Replica placement isto create and place duplicate copies of the most needed file in beneficial locations in the data grid network. To reduce themake spani.e.,totaljob execution time, storage consumption andEffective Network Usage (ENU)in data grids, a new method for replica placement is introduced.In thisproposed method, all the nodes in thesame regionare grouped togetherand replica is placed in the highest degree and highest frequency node in the region.The node to place replica should beload balanced in terms of access and storage.The proposeddynamic Replica Placement algorithm with Load Balancing(RPLB)is tested usingOptorSimsimulator,which isdeveloped by European Data Grid Projects.In this paper,two variants of the proposed algorithm RPLB,namely RPLBfrequencyand RPLBdegreeare also presented.The comparative analysis of all the threeproposedalgorithmsisalsopresentedin this paper.A Graphical User Interface(GUI)is designedas an interface to OptorSimto get allvaluesfor grid configuration file,job configurationfile and parameters configuration file.Simulationresultsrevealthattheperformance oftheproposed methodologyisbetter in terms ofmakespan,storage consumption andreplicationcount when compared totheexisting algorithms intheliterature.

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[46]Zaman S. and Grosu D., A Distributed Algorithm forthe Replica Placement IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol. 22, no. 9, pp. 1455-1468, 2011. KingsyRajaretnamhas graduated in Computer Science and Engineering from Noorul Islam College of Engineering, India, in 2003 and completed her M.E. Computer Science and Engineering in 2005 from Karunya Institute of Technology, India. Currently she is pursuing her Ph.D at Anna University, Chennai, India. Her areas of interest include Grid Computing and Cloud Computing. Her research focus is on Dynamic replica placement and selection strategies in data grid. She has about 10 years of teaching experience. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in CSE, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore, India. She is life member of ISTE. RPLB: A Replica Placement Algorithm inData Grid with Load Balancing643 ManimegalaiRajkumar hasgraduated from PSG College of Technologyin Computer Science and Engineering.Sheisalsoan alumnusofCollege ofEngineering Guindy,Anna University and IIT Madraswhere she has done her Master sandDoctoraterespectively.She has more than twenty years ofexperience in teaching, research and industry put-together. Currently she is working as a Professor and Research Directorwith Park College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India.She holds life membership in CSI, IE (India) and ISTE. She is also a member of IEEE and VLSI society of India. Her areas of interest include Reconfigurable Computing,VLSI/FPGA Algorithms, Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing.She has widely published in journals and conferences and is guiding several PhD research scholars. RanjithVenkatesanhas completed his BEdegreein Computer Science and Engineering at Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore in 2013.Currently, heis working as Member Technical Staff in Zoho Corporation, Chennai, India. His areas of interestsinclude gridcomputing, cloud computing and data base management systems.