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iHPProxy:Improving the Performance of HPProxy by Adding Extra Hot-Points

In recent years, the interest of Internet users turned intoviewingvideos such asVideo-on-Demand (VoD), online movies,online sports,news,e-learning, etc., the researchers involved proxy caching with replacement to provide immediate content delivery to the client on request. One important aspect in the content delivery is continuous playability with random seek even the client wants to watch the video from a new location by jumping into that location. The continuous play is possible if the hitlocation iscached already, otherwise a delay will occur. The researchers allowed a small deviation from the desired location in the backward direction to reduce the delay. Our earlier model, Hot-Point Proxy caching (HPPrxoy), also supports the shift to the nearest cachedGroup OfPictures(GOP)in the backward directionto play immediately, but, in some cases the deviation was large. Hence, we proposed a new model to provide a little deviation by addingextrahot-points between existing sub-level hot-points. However, this mechanism additionally consumes cache memory,it increases the byte-hit ratio, satisfiesthe user requirement in random seekand provide better cache replacement.

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