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Adaptive Semantic Indexing of Documents for Locating Relevant Information in P2P Networks

 Locating relevant information in Peer#to#Peer (P2P) system is a challenging problem. Conventional approaches use flooding to locate the content. It is no longer app licable due to massive information available upfron t in the P2P systems. Sometime, it may not be even possible to return sma ll percent of relevant content for a search if it is an unpopular content. In this paper, we present adaptive semantic P2P conten t indexed system. Content indices are generated using topical semantics of documents derived using Wordnet ontology. Similarit ies between document hierarchies are computed using information theoretic approach. It enables locating and retriev al of contents with minimum document movement, sear ch space and nodes to be searched. Results illustrate that our work ca n achieve results better than Content Addressable N etwork (CAN) semantic P2P Information Retrieval (IR) system. Contrary to CAN semantic P2P IR system, we have used content aw are and node aware bootstrapping instead of random bootstrapping of search process.

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[21] Zhong N., Li Y., and Wu S., Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering , vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 30)44, 2012. Anupriya Elumalai received her Bcs of engineering from Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Madras University in 1997 and MS degree of technology in computer science and engineering from VIT University in 2004. Currently, she is working for Information Technology Department, Ibri College of Technology, Sultanate o f Oman. She is pursuing her research in School of Computing Science and Engineering, VIT University, India. Her research interests include peer)to)peer data management, data mining, knowledge discovery from text data and information retrieval. She has 15 publications in Journals and Conferences to her cre dit. She is a member of ISTE, AIENG and IEEE. Sriman Narayana recived his MS degree in applied mathematics, ME degree computer science and engineering PhD degree in applied mathematics. Currently, he is Director of Periyar EVR Central library and also Senior Professor at the School of Computing Science and Engineering at VIT University, India. His resea rch interests include: Distributed computing, informati on security, electronic and mobile commerce applicatio ns, intelligent computing and fluid dynamics (porous media). He had 26 years of teaching and research experience with a credit of nearly 145 publications in reputed International Journals and Conferences. He has authored/co)authored several textbooks/learning materials for the student community. He chaired man y International Conferences, delivered Key note/Invited/Guest/ Technical lectures, served as P C Member/Reviewer. He is Editor in Chief for International Journal of Software Engineering and Applications( IJSEA) of AIRCC, and Editorial Boar d member for International Journals like IJConvC (Inderscience )China), IJCA (USA) etc.