The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)


A Novel Codebook Generation by Smart Fruit Fly Algorithm based on Exponential Flight

Ilker Kilic,

A codebook is a combination of vectors that represents a digital image best and very useful tool for compression. Besides the well-known techniques such as Linde-Buzo-Gray, C-Means, and Fuzzy C-Means the nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithms have also become alternate techniques for solving the codebook generation problem. Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm (FFA) is a simple and efficient algorithm, but the capturing of an agent by a local minimum point is the main problem. Therefore, the fruit flies generally do not reach the global solution at the end of the iterations. In this study, the FFA is empowered with a smart exponential flight approach to finding out a global optimum codebook. In this approach, if a fruit fly agent is captured by a local minimum point accidentally, the smart exponential flight steps provide an opportunity to escape from it easily. In the experimental studies, successful compression results have been taken in terms of lower error rates. The numerical results prove that the proposed Smart Exponential flight-based Fruit Fly Algorithm (SE-FFA) is better than the variations of convolutional FFA by providing a global optimum codebook.

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