The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)


Simultaneously Identifying Opinion Targets and Opinion-bearing Words Based on Multi-Features in Chinese Micro-Blog Texts

We propose to simultaneously identify opinion targets and opinion-bearing words based on multi-features in Chinese micro-blog texts, i.e., to identify opinion-bearing words by means of opinion-bearing words dictionary and to identify opinion targets by considering multi-features between opinion targets and opinion-bearing words, and then we take a future step to optimize forwarding-based opinion target identification. We decompose our task into four phases: 1) construct opinion-bearing words dictionary and identify opinion-bearing word in a sentence from Chinese micro-blog; 2) design multiple features related to opinion target identification, containing token, Part-Of-Speech (POS), Word Distance (WD), Direct Dependency Relation (DDR) and SRL; 3) design three kinds of different feature templates to identify feature-opinion pairs in Chinese micro-blog texts; 4) combining forwarding relation between individual micro-blogs, we solve the problem of identifying opinion target in short micro-blog. The experiments with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Chinese Computing (CC) 2012 and 2013’s labeled data show that our approach provides better performance than the baselines and most systems reported at NLP and CC 2012 and 2013.

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