The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

Medhat Tawfeek, Ashraf ElSisi, Arabi Keshk and Faw zy Torkey

An Intelligent Water Drop Algorithm for Optimizing Task Scheduling in Grid Environment

Abstract:The goal of grid computing is to provide powerful computing for complex scientific problems by utilizing and

RPLB:A Replica Placement Algorithm inData Grid with Load Balancing

Abstract:Data gridisaninfrastructurebuilt based on internetwhichfacilitates sharing and management ofgeographically

A Region Adaptive Robust Watermarking Scheme

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Ind ia 

Arabic/Farsi Handwritten Digit Recognition using

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Yazd University, Iran

A Group based Fault Tolerant Scheduling

Abstract: Desktop  grid  is  an  exciting  discipline  for  high  thr oughput  applications  but  due  to  inherent  resource  v olatility, 

Khaled Omer1 and Daya Lobiyal2 1Faculty of Engineering, School of Computer and Syst ems Sciences, University of Aden, Yemen 2Faculty of Computer and System Science, Nehru Unive rsity, India

Towards A Distributed Arabic OCR Based on the DTW Algorithm: Performance Analysis

Abstract: In spite of the diversity ofprintedArabicoptical characterrecognitionproductsandproposals,the problemseems

A Novel Secure Hash Algorithm for Public Key Digital Signature Schemes

Abstract: Hash functions are the most widespread among all cr yptographic primitives, and are currently used in multiple

Testing and Evaluation of a Secure Integrity Measurement System (SIMS) for Remote Systems

integrity  for  flexible  and  traditional  remote  syste ms.  SIMS  is  not  only  targeted  for  Linux,  but  it  can   also  be  used  for  different 

An Enhanced Distributed Certificate Authority Scheme for Authentication in Mobile Ad-hoc

Rajaram Ayyasamy1 and Palaniswami Subramani2 1Electronics and Communication Engineering Departmen t, Karpagam College of Engineering, Anna 

Mapping XML to Inverted Indexed Circular

1School of Information Engineering, Anhui Xinhua University, China 2School of Science, Anhui Agricultural University, China 3Department of Computing and New Media Technologies, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, USA

A Physical Topology Discovery Method Based on AFTs of Down Constraint

topology discovery based on Address Forwarding Table (AFT) is a hot topic on current study. This paper defines three