The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Cosine Neighbourhood Recommender System

Abstract: Growth of technology and innovation leads to large and complex data which is coined as Bigdata. As the quantity of

A Proactive Caching Scheme Based on Content Concentration in Content-Centric Networks

Xi Luo1,2 and Ying An1 1Institute of Information Security and Big Data, Central South University, China 2Department of Information Technology, Hunan Police Academy, China

Intelligent Association Classification Technique for Phishing Website Detection

Mustafa Al-Fayoumi1, Jaber Alwidian2, and Mohammad Abusaif2 1Computer Science Department, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan 2Big Data Department, Intrasoft Middle East, Jordan

Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation Framework for Mobile Service Based Multiuser Collaboration

Hai Liu1, Zhenqiang Wu1, Changgen Peng2, Feng Tian1, and Laifeng Lu3 1School of Computer Science, Shaanxi Normal University, China 2Guizhou Provincial Key Laboratory of Public Big Data, Guizhou University, China 3School of Mathematics and Information Science, Shaanxi Normal University, China

A Secure Cellular Automata Integrated Deep Learning Mechanism for Health Informatics

Kiran Sree Pokkuluri1 and SSSN Usha Devi Nedunuri2 1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women (A), India 2Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University College of Engineering-JNTU, India