The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

Solving QBF with Heuristic Small W orld

Abstract: In this paper, we use gaifman graph to describe the topological structure of the Quantified Boolean Formulae

RPLB:A Replica Placement Algorithm inData Grid with Load Balancing

Abstract:Data gridisaninfrastructurebuilt based on internetwhichfacilitates sharing and management ofgeographically


Yassine Benajiba2, Mona Diab2, and Paolo Rosso1 1Natural Language Engineering Laboratory, ELiRF, Uni versidad Politécnica Valencia, Spain

Enhanced Clustering-Based Topic Identification of Transcribed Arabic Broadcast News

techniques. The enhancement includes applying new stemming technique “rule-based light stemming” to balance the negative

An Improved Statistical Model of Appearance under Partial Occlusion

Abstract: The Appearance Models (AMs) are widely used in many applications related to face recognition, expression

Immunity inspired Cooperative Agent based

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Technocrats Institute of Technology, India