The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

A Measurement of Similarity to Identify Identical

Department of Information Technology, Bharathiar Un iversity, India

Adapted Normalized Graph Cut Segmentation with

Singaravelu Prabhu1 and Dharmaraj Tensing2 1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kal aivani College of Technology, India 2 School of Civil Engineering, Karunya University, India

Adaptive Semantic Indexing of Documents for Locating Relevant Information in P2P Networks

Abstract: Locating relevant information in Peer#to#Peer (P2P) system is a challenging problem. Conventional approaches use

KP-TrieAlgorithmfor Update and Search Operations

Abstract:Radix-Tree is a space optimized data structure that performs data compression by means of cluster nodes that share

Interactive Video Retrieval Using Semantic Level Features and Relevant Feedback

But, most of the works are concentrated on extracting features low level features. But, the relevant videos can be missed out if

Semantic Similarity based Web Document Classification Using Support Vector Machine

Abstract: With the rapid growth of information on the World Wide Web (WWW), classification of web documents has become

Google N-Gram Viewer does not Include Arabic Corpus! Towards N-Gram Viewer for Arabic

Abstract: Google N-gram viewer is one of those newly published Google services. Google archived or digitized a large

Efficient Parameterized Matching Using Burrows-

India 4Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sunder Deep Engineering College, India

Tree Based Fast Similarity Query Search Indexing on Outsourced Cloud Data Streams

Balamurugan Balasubramanian1, Kamalraj Durai1, Jegadeeswari Sathyanarayanan1, and Sugumaran

Enhanced Latent Semantic Indexing Using Cosine Similarity Measures for Medical Application

Fawaz Al-Anzi1 and Dia AbuZeina2 1Department of Computer Engineering, Kuwait University, Kuwait 2Computer Science Department, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine

Query Authentication of Outsourced Spatial Database

Jun Hong1,2, Tao Wen2, and Quan Guo3 1School of Software, North University of China, China 2School of Computer Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, China 3Computer Science and Technology, Dalian Neusoft University of Information, China