The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

A Novel Approach for Face Recognition Using

Abstract: This paper explores a novel approach for automatic human recognition from multi-view frontal facial images taken

A Concept-based Sentiment Analysis Approach for Arabic

Ahmed Nasser1 and Hayri Sever2 1Control and Systems Engineering Department, University of Technology, Iraq 2Department of Computer Engineering, Çankaya University, Etimesgut

Enhanced Bagging (eBagging): A Novel Approach for Ensemble Learning

Goksu Tuysuzoglu1 and Derya Birant2 1Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey 2Department of Computer Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

A New Two-step Ensemble Learning Model for Improving Stress Prediction of Automobile Drivers

May Al-Nashashibi1, Wa’el Hadi2, Nuha El-Khalili3, Ghassan Issa4, and Abed Alkarim AlBanna1 1Computer Science, University of Petra, Jordan

Ensemble based on Accuracy and Diversity Weighting for Evolving Data Streams

Yange Sun1, Han Shao1, and Bencai Zhang2 1School of Computer and Information Technology, Xinyang Normal University, China