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A Vision Approach for Expiry Date Recognition using Stretched Gabor Features

Abstract: Product"expiry date represent important information for products consumption. They must contain clear

Illicit Material Detection using Dual-Energy X-Ray

Computer Engineering Department, Cankaya University , Turkey 

Lhachemi El Badri1, and El-Mehdi Hamzaoui1 1 National Centre of Nuclear Energy, Sciences and Te chniques (CNESTEN), Morocco. 

and Comparison of Different Histogram Quantizations in the DCT Domain 

Explicitly Symplectic Algorithm for Long-time Simulation of Ultra-flexible Cloth

flexible cloth simulation with high computation stability. Our method can preserve the conserved quantity of a Hamiltonian,

Aware-Routing Protocol using Best First Search Algorithm in Wireless Sensor

and areas; this led to ubiquity wireless sensor networks everywhere. Energy consumption is considered as the biggest

Security-aware CoAP Application Layer Protocol for the Internet of Things using Elliptic-Curve

University, Jordan 3Department of Information Technology, Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan

Energy Consumption Improvement and Cost Saving by Cloud Broker in Cloud Datacenters

consumption to increase dissatisfaction of users of service and price of provided services. The Cloud broker as an