The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)


Khalid Nahar1, Husni AlMuhtaseb1, Wasfi AlKhatib1, Moustafa Elshafei1, and Mansour Alghamdi2 1College of Computer Science and Engineering, King F ahd University of

Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Zarq a Private University, Jordan

A Machine Learning System for Distinguishing Nominal and Verbal Arabic Sentences

structures than other languages. Thus, it is important to learn about the specialty and the structure of this language to deal

Temporal Neural System Applied to Arabic Online Characters Recognition

Khadidja Belbachir1 and Redouane Tlemsani2 1Department of computer sciences, University of Science and Technologies of Oran Mohamed Boudiaf,

A Smart Card Oriented Secure Electronic Voting Machine Built on NTRU

Safdar Shaheen1, Muhammad Yousaf1, and Mudassar Jalil2 1Riphah Institute of Systems Engineering, Riphah International University, Pakistan 2Department of Mathematics, COMSAT Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan