The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

A New Algorithm for Finding Vertex-Disjoint Paths

Abstract: The  fact  that  the  demands  which  could  be  labelled  a s  “luxurious”  in  the  past  times,  have  became  requirements 

Computer Science Department, University of Mentour i, Algeria

Jin-long Zhu1, Wenhui Li2, Huiying Li2, Qiong Wu2, and Liang Zhang2 1Department of Computer Science and Technology, ChangChun Normal University, China 2Department of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, China

Abductive Network Ensembles for Improved

Mojeeb Al-Khiaty1, Radwan Abdel-Aal2, and Mahmoud Elish1,3 1Information and Computer Science Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi

Interactive Video Retrieval Using Semantic Level Features and Relevant Feedback

But, most of the works are concentrated on extracting features low level features. But, the relevant videos can be missed out if

Semantic Similarity based Web Document Classification Using Support Vector Machine

Abstract: With the rapid growth of information on the World Wide Web (WWW), classification of web documents has become

A Novel Handwriting Grading System Using Gurmukhi Characters

shall be helpful in organizing handwriting competitions and then deciding the winners on the basis of an automated process.

Paradigma: A Distributed Framework for Parallel Programming

Abstract: Recent advances in high-speed networks and the newfound ubiquity of powerful processors have revolutionized the

A Novel Architecture of Medical Image Fusion Based on YCbCr-DWT Transform

Abstract: Image fusion is one of the most modern, accurate and useful diagnostic techniques in medical imaging. Mainly,