The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

An Efficient Perceptual of CBIR System using MIL-SVM Classification and SURF Feature Extraction

Bhuvana Shanmugam,Radhakrishnan Rathinavel,Tamije Perumal,Subhakala Subbaiyan

Automated Retinal Vessel Segmentation using

Soumia Belhadi and Nadjia Benblidia

Arabic/Farsi Handwritten Digit Recognition using

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Yazd University, Iran

and Comparison of Different Histogram Quantizations in the DCT Domain 

Image Quality Assessment Employing RMS

Abstract: This paper presents a new approach for evaluating image quality. The method is based on the histogram similarity

Temporal Tracking on Videos with Direction

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, James College of Engineering and Technology, India

Selective Image Encryption using Singular Value Decomposition and Arnold Transform

volume of digital images. Generally selective cryptosystem encrypts the significant part of the data set while the insignificant

Application of Framelet Transform and Singular Value Decomposition to Image Enhancement

Decomposition (SVD) has been proposed. Framelet transform is used to decompose the image into one low frequency subband