The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

An Efficient Perceptual of CBIR System using MIL-SVM Classification and SURF Feature Extraction

Bhuvana Shanmugam,Radhakrishnan Rathinavel,Tamije Perumal,Subhakala Subbaiyan

Esther Perumal1 and Shanmugalakshmi Ramachandran2 1Department of Electronics and Communication Enginee ring, Kathir College, India 2Department of CSE, Government College of Technology , India 

Bayesian Information Criterion in LTE Downlink Scheduling Algorithm

Abstract: Real time multimedia has been a major trend in people daily life. With the rise of demands in faster internet

Multiviews Reconstruction for Prosthetic Design

Abstract: Existing methods that use a fringe projection techn ique for prosthetic designs produce good results for the trunk

Fast and Robust Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using Wavelet Transforms and SURF

Mohammad Hashmi1 and Avinash Keskar2 1Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology Warangal,