The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

Umarani Srikanth1, Uma Maheswari2, Shanthi Palaniswami3, and Arul Siromoney3 1Computer Science and Engineering Department, S.A. E ngineering College, India 2Department of Information Science and Technology, Anna University, India 3Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ann a University, India 

Internet Connectivity for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Hybrid Adaptive Mobile Agent Protocol

Department of Electronics Engineering, Anna Univers ity, India. 2Department of Information Technology, Thiagarajar C ollege of Engineering, India. 

An Approach for Instance Based Schema Matching

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Paradigma: A Distributed Framework for Parallel Programming

Abstract: Recent advances in high-speed networks and the newfound ubiquity of powerful processors have revolutionized the

Assessment of Ensemble Classifiers Using the Bagging

Hassan Mohamed1, Abdelazim Negm1, Mohamed Zahran2, and Oliver Saavedra3 1Department of Environmental Engineering, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, Egypt 2Department of Geomatics Engineering, Benha University, Egypt 3Department of Civil Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Missing Values Estimation for Skylines in

Malaysia 2Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

A Grid Enabled E-Theses and Dissertations Repository System

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya, Malaysia 

Prioritized Heterogeneous Traffic-Oriented Congestion Control Protocol for WSNs

Abstract: Due to the availability of multiple sensing units o n a single radio board of the modern sensor motes, some sensor

Identity Identification and Management in the Internet of Things

Zina Houhamdi1 and Belkacem Athamena2 1Software Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Al Ain University, UAE 2Business Administration Department, College of Business, Al Ain University, UAE