The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

Exploring the Potential of Schemes in Building NLP

LaTICE Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences of Monastir, Tunisia

Abed Ahcène1, 2 and Guerti Mhania1 1Laboratoire Signal et Communications, Ecole Nationa le Polytechnique, Algeria 2Scientific and Technical Research Center for the Development of the Arabic Language, Algeria

Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Zarq a Private University, Jordan

Investigation Arabic Speech Recognition Using CMU Sphinx System

Abstract: In  this  paper,  Arabic  was  investigated  from  the  spe ech  recognition  problem  point  of  view.    We  propose  a  novel 

Google N-Gram Viewer does not Include Arabic Corpus! Towards N-Gram Viewer for Arabic

Abstract: Google N-gram viewer is one of those newly published Google services. Google archived or digitized a large

A Machine Learning System for Distinguishing Nominal and Verbal Arabic Sentences

structures than other languages. Thus, it is important to learn about the specialty and the structure of this language to deal

Building a Syntactic-Semantic Interface for aSemi- Automatically Generated TAG for Arabic

providing information about the correct structural representations of the sentences and their meaning. To date, there is not a

Direct Text Classifier for Thematic Arabic Discourse Documents

Khalid Nahar1, Ra’ed Al-Khatib1, Moy'awiah Al-Shannaq1, Mohammad Daradkeh2, and Rami Malkawi3 1Department of Computer Sciences, Yarmouk University, Jordan 2Department of Management Information System, Yarmouk University, Jordan 3Department of Computer Information System, Yarmouk University, Jordan