The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

The Fuzzy Logic Based ECA Rule Processing for XML Databases

systems.  Fuzzy concepts are adapted to the field of XML Data bases (DB) in order to deal with ambiguous and unce rtain data.

Brain Tumor Segmentation in MRI Images Using Integrated Modified PSO Fuzzy Approach

Abstract: An image segmentation technique based on maximum fu zzy entropy is applied for Magnetic Resonance (MR) brain

Adapted Normalized Graph Cut Segmentation with

Singaravelu Prabhu1 and Dharmaraj Tensing2 1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kal aivani College of Technology, India 2 School of Civil Engineering, Karunya University, India

Qaisar Abbas1, Irene Fondo´n2, and Emre Celebi3 1College of Computer and Information Sciences, Al Im am Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University,

AnAdaptiveWeighted Fuzzy Mean Filter Based on Cloud Model

Abstract:This research proposes anAdaptive Weighted Fuzzy Mean Filter(AWFMF)basedonCloud Model (CM)to remove

Maryam Lafkih1, Mounia Mikram1, 2, Sanaa Ghouzali1, 3, Mohamed El Haziti1, 4, and Driss Aboutajdine1 1Mohammed V#Agdal University, Morocco 2School of Information Sciences, University of Pitts burgh, Morocco 3Department of Information Technology, King Saud Uni versity, Saudi Arabia 4Higher School of Technology, Morocco

Designing a Fuzzy-Logic Based Trust and Reputation Model for Secure Resource

Department of Electronics and Communication Enginee ring, Bannari Amman  

Faculty of Science, Computer Information Systems De partment, Bethlehem University, Palestine 

Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling of a Fermentation Process

Abstract:  Neuro-fuzzy  modeling  may  be  qualified  as  a  grey-box   technique,  since  it  combines  the  transparency  of  rule-based