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Prediction of Part of Speech Tags for Punjabi using Support Vector Machines

Abstract:Part-Of-Speech (POS)tagging is a task of assigning the appropriatePOSor lexical category to each word in a

Department of Electronics and Communication Enginee ring, PSG College of Technology, India. 

Abductive Network Ensembles for Improved

Mojeeb Al-Khiaty1, Radwan Abdel-Aal2, and Mahmoud Elish1,3 1Information and Computer Science Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi

Proficient Decision Making on Virtual Machine Creation in IaaS Cloud Environment

Abstract: Cloud computing is a most fascinated technology that is being utilized by IT companies to reduce their

Using Data Mining for Predicting Cultivable Uncultivated Regions in the Middle East

large areas, while agricultural lands are described as small areas of arable land under perennial grass pastures or crops. In

An Empirical Study to Evaluate the Relationship of Object-Oriented Metrics and Change Proneness

Abstract: Software maintenance deals with changes or modifications which software goes through. Change prediction models

An Effective Sample Preparation Method for Diabetes Prediction

Abstract: Diabetes is a chronic disorder caused by metabolic malfunction in carbohydrate metabolism and it has become a

Multi-Classifier Model for Software Fault Prediction

Abstract: Prediction of fault prone module prior to testing is an emerging activity for software organizations to allocate

Enhanced Hybrid Prediction Models for Time Series Prediction

as artificial neural networks are considered to be better for prediction of data with non-linear patterns. In the real-life, time-