The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

A Framework for Saudi Uniform Gait Recognition Based on Kinect Skeletal Tracking

Jawad H. Alkhateeb,Ehsan Owaidah,Aiman Turani,Rashiq Marie,Aladdein Amro,Ahmad A. Mazhar

Loan Nguyen1,2, Bay Vo3, and Tzung-Pei Hong4,5 1Division of Knowledge and System Engineering for IC T, Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam 2Faculty of Information Technology, Ton Duc Thang Un iversity, Vietnam 3Faculty of Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam 4Department of CSIE, National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan 5Department of CSE, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan 

A Technique for Burning Area Identification Using IHS Transformation and Image Segmentation

Abstract:  In this paper, we have designed and developed a tec hnique for burning area identification using Intensity Hue

A New Algorithm for Finding Vertex-Disjoint Paths

Abstract: The  fact  that  the  demands  which  could  be  labelled  a s  “luxurious”  in  the  past  times,  have  became  requirements 

Parallel Particle Filters for Multiple Target Tracking

Abstract:TheMultiple Targets Tracking(MTT) problem is addressed in signal and image processing.When thestate and