The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

Exploring the Potential of Schemes in Building NLP

LaTICE Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences of Monastir, Tunisia

Baraa Sharef 1, 3, Nazlia Omar1, and Zeyad Sharef 2

Enhanced Latent Semantic Indexing Using Cosine Similarity Measures for Medical Application

Fawaz Al-Anzi1 and Dia AbuZeina2 1Department of Computer Engineering, Kuwait University, Kuwait 2Computer Science Department, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine

Direct Text Classifier for Thematic Arabic Discourse Documents

Khalid Nahar1, Ra’ed Al-Khatib1, Moy'awiah Al-Shannaq1, Mohammad Daradkeh2, and Rami Malkawi3 1Department of Computer Sciences, Yarmouk University, Jordan 2Department of Management Information System, Yarmouk University, Jordan 3Department of Computer Information System, Yarmouk University, Jordan