The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)


Rangan Kodandaram, Shashank Mallikarjun, Manikantan  Krishnamuthan, and Ramachandran Sivan 

Sajid Khan1, Muhammad Nazir2, Naveed Riaz3 and Muhammad Khan4 

Iris-Pupil Thickness BasedMethod for Determining Age Groupofa Person

Abstract:Soft biometric attributes such asgender,ethnicityand agecan be determinedfrom theirisimages.Pupil size plays


and Comparison of Different Histogram Quantizations in the DCT Domain 

A Novel Handwriting Grading System Using Gurmukhi Characters

shall be helpful in organizing handwriting competitions and then deciding the winners on the basis of an automated process.

Using 3D Convolutional Neural Network in Surveillance Videos for Recognizing Human

1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Adithya Institute of Technology, India 2Department of Information Technology, Woldia University, Ethiopia

Effective Technology Based Sports Training System Using Human Pose Model

Abstract: This paper investigates the sports dynamics using human pose modeling from the video sequences. To implement