The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)


Efficient Segmentation of Arabic Handwritten

Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

A Novel Handwriting Grading System Using Gurmukhi Characters

shall be helpful in organizing handwriting competitions and then deciding the winners on the basis of an automated process.

A New Method for Curvilinear Text line Extraction and Straightening of Arabic Handwritten Text

analysis. This paper presents a new method for curvilinear text line extraction and straightening in Arabic handwritten

RNN-LSTM Based Beta-Elliptic Model for Online Handwriting Script Identification

dealing with sequential input data. In this context, the proposed system aims to classify the online handwriting scripts based on

GLoBD: Geometric and Learned Logic Algorithm

Houcine Boubaker1, Aymen Chaabouni1, Haikal El-Abed2, and Adel Alimi1 1Research Groups in Intelligent Machines Laboratory, University of Sfax, Tunisia 2German International Cooperation, German University College Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Temporal Neural System Applied to Arabic Online Characters Recognition

Khadidja Belbachir1 and Redouane Tlemsani2 1Department of computer sciences, University of Science and Technologies of Oran Mohamed Boudiaf,

Offline Isolated Arabic Handwriting Character Recognition System Based on SVM

Mustafa Salam1 and Alia Abdul Hassan2 1Computer Engineering Techniques, Imam Ja'afar Al-Sadiq University, Iraq 2Computer Science Department, University of Technology, Iraq

A Deep Learning Based Prediction of Arabic Manuscripts Handwriting Style

Manal Khayyat1 and Lamiaa Elrefaei2 1Computer Science Department, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia 2Electrical Engineering Department, Benha University, Egypt