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Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling of a Fermentation Process

Abstract:  Neuro-fuzzy  modeling  may  be  qualified  as  a  grey-box   technique,  since  it  combines  the  transparency  of  rule-based 

Image Processing in Differential Digital

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology in University of

Service Process Modelling and Performance Analysis for Composite Context Provisioning in IoT

our life. Some devices are being used by us such as the smart phones while others are most of the time invisible to us such as

Optimal Dual Cameras Setup for Motion Recognition in Salat Activity

Nor Azrini Jaafar1, Nor Azman Ismail1, Kamarul Azmi Jasmi2, and Yusman Azimi Yusoff1 1Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia 2Faculty of Islamic Civilization, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Vehicle Condition, Driver Behavior Analysis and Data