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Faculty of Science, Computer Information Systems De partment, Bethlehem University, Palestine 

A New Hybrid Architecture for the Discovery and Compaction of Knowledge: Breast Cancer

Faten Kharbat1, Mohammed Odeh2, and Larry Bull2  1College of Business Administration, Al-Ain Universi ty of Science and Technology, UAE  2Department of Computer Science & Creative Technolog ies, University of the West of England, UK 

Enhanced Hybrid Prediction Models for Time Series Prediction

as artificial neural networks are considered to be better for prediction of data with non-linear patterns. In the real-life, time-

A new Model of Multi-Key Generation for RFID Access Control System

handling modern security threats, with access decisions influenced by several factors, including situational, environmental

Fuzzy Logic based Decision Support System for

Abstract: Software components are imperative parts of a system which play a fundamental role in the overall function of a