The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Zarq a Private University, Jordan

A Concept-based Sentiment Analysis Approach for Arabic

Ahmed Nasser1 and Hayri Sever2 1Control and Systems Engineering Department, University of Technology, Iraq 2Department of Computer Engineering, Çankaya University, Etimesgut

Empirical Evaluation of Leveraging Named Entities for Arabic Sentiment Analysis

Hala Mulki1, Hatem Haddad2, Mourad Gridach3, and Ismail Babaoğlu1 1Computer Engineering Department, Konya Technical University, Turkey 2Computer Science Department, University of Manouba, Tunisia 3Computational Bioscience Departments, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

New Language Models for Spelling Correction

Saida Laaroussi, Si Lhoussain Aouragh, Abdellah Yousfi, Mohamed Nejja, Hicham Geddah, Said Ouatik El Alaoui