The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

Lightweight Anti-Censorship Online Network for

Division of Electronic and Information Engineering, Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea

Qaisar Abbas1, Irene Fondo´n2, and Emre Celebi3 1College of Computer and Information Sciences, Al Im am Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University,

Enhancing Generic Pipeline Model for Code Clone Detection using Divide and Conquer Approach

code clone research focuses on the detection and an alysis of code clones in order to help software developers identify code

An Anti-Spam Filter Based on One-Class IB Method in Small Training Sets

Abstract:We present an approach to email filtering based on one-class Information Bottleneck (IB) method in small training

Parallel Particle Filters for Multiple Target Tracking

Abstract:TheMultiple Targets Tracking(MTT) problem is addressed in signal and image processing.When thestate and

Miroljub Grozdanovic1, Dobrivoje Marjanovic2, and Goran Janackovic3 1Engineering Academy of Serbia, Serbia 2Ei R and D Institute Nis, Serbia 3Faculty of Occupational Safety, University of Nis, Serbia

Jinpeng Chen, Yu Liu, and Deyi Li

Pseudorandom Noise Sequence of Digital Watermarking Algorithm based on Discrete

1Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, St.Martin’s Engineering College, India 2Department of Computer and Science Engineering, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, India 3Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sri Shakthi Instituteof Engineering and

Identification of an Efficient Filtering- Segmentation Technique for Automated Counting

Abstract: The counting of fish fingerlings is an important process in determining the accurate consumption of feeds for a

Design and Analysis of Array Weighted Wideband Antenna using FRFT

Rao1 and Prudhivi Mallikarjuna Rao2 1Department of ECE, Aditya Institute of Technology a nd Management, India 2Department of ECE, Andhra University College of Eng ineering, India