The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

Smelling the Web Olfactory Display for Web

Saad Abid2, Zhiyong Li1, and Renfa Li1 1College of Information Science and Engineering, Hun an University, China 2Department of Computer Science and Informatics, Al- Mansour University College, Iraq   

iHPProxy:Improving the Performance of HPProxy by Adding Extra Hot-Points

Abstract:In recent years, the interest of Internet users turned intoviewingvideos such asVideo-on-Demand (VoD), online

Hybrid SVM/HMM Model for the Arab Phonemes

Multimedia Information System and Advanced Computin g Laboratory, Sfax University, Tunisia 


Video Object Extraction Based on a Comparative Study of Efficient Edge Detection Techniques

Abstract: Segmentation of objects serves as a key of image an alysis and pattern recognition. The main focus of the paper is

Hardware Implementation Low Power High Speed FFT Core

Abstract : In recent times, DSP algorithms have received increased attention due to rapid advancements in multimedia

Bayesian Information Criterion in LTE Downlink Scheduling Algorithm

Abstract: Real time multimedia has been a major trend in people daily life. With the rise of demands in faster internet

and Mohammad BinIdris3 1Center of Excellence in Information Assurance, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia 2Department of Information Systems, King Saud Univer sity, Saudi Arabia 3Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems, University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia

Improved Steganography Scheme based on Fractal Set

Mohammad Alia1 and Khaled Suwais2 1Faculty of Sciences and Information Technology, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan 2Faculty of Computer Studies, Arab Open University, Saudi Arabia