The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)

A Framework for Saudi Uniform Gait Recognition Based on Kinect Skeletal Tracking

Jawad H. Alkhateeb,Ehsan Owaidah,Aiman Turani,Rashiq Marie,Aladdein Amro,Ahmad A. Mazhar

AES Based Multimodal Biometric Authentication using Cryptographic Level Fusion with Fingerprint and Finger Knuckle Print

Department of Electronics and Communication Enginee ring, Kalasalingam University,  

Efficient Multimodal Biometric Database Construction and Protection Schemes

multimodal biometric database. The last is dedicate d to a biometric authentication system operating on a set of connected

Esther Perumal1 and Shanmugalakshmi Ramachandran2 1Department of Electronics and Communication Enginee ring, Kathir College, India 2Department of CSE, Government College of Technology , India 

Iris-Pupil Thickness BasedMethod for Determining Age Groupofa Person

Abstract:Soft biometric attributes such asgender,ethnicityand agecan be determinedfrom theirisimages.Pupil size plays

New Prototype of Hybrid 3D-Biometric Facial

Haitham Issa1, Sali Issa2, and Mohammad Issa3 1 Department of Communications and Electronics Engin eering, Isra University, Jordan 2, 3Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and 

Maryam Lafkih1, Mounia Mikram1, 2, Sanaa Ghouzali1, 3, Mohamed El Haziti1, 4, and Driss Aboutajdine1 1Mohammed V#Agdal University, Morocco 2School of Information Sciences, University of Pitts burgh, Morocco 3Department of Information Technology, King Saud Uni versity, Saudi Arabia 4Higher School of Technology, Morocco

and Mohammad BinIdris3 1Center of Excellence in Information Assurance, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia 2Department of Information Systems, King Saud Univer sity, Saudi Arabia 3Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems, University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia

A Novel Adaptive Two-phase Multimodal Biometric Recognition System

Venkatramaphanikumar Sistla1, Venkata Krishna Kishore Kolli1, and Kamakshi Prasad Valurouthu2 1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology and